Friday, February 16, 2007

Partners for life

Today is our fourth wedding anniversary.

When Zirpu says "It feels like forever," I know he means that as a good thing. It does feel like forever, as if there wasn't a time when when we weren't together. Yet, if we'd met any earlier than we did, neither of us would have been ready for the lightning bolt so it would have struck another couple.

Most of the times we have met with judges after dance events, each one has commented on our dancing together. When we're off time, we're off time together. We don't pull each other around the floor, but we dance across it together. Judges and other dancers remark on our unison and focus on each other. We've been getting these remarks from the beginning. I often feel that the things people say about our dancing also describe our relationship, and people sometimes use the same words to describe each.

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zirpu said...

Let's dance!

You are my Sweety Pi!