Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Two Car Convoy

When I left Vernonia to return to the Bay Area, Denver D and drove down in two cars. He had started his trip to Santa Fe by stopping off to visit me and decided to come to California instead. We went in two cars, my Civic station wagon known as "The Tub" and his three-cylinder Subaru Justy.

We took I5 to Grant's Pass and jumped over to 101 via 199 so we could drive through the Smith River Rec Area and the Redwood National Forest, finally approaching San Francisco from the Golden Gate Bridge.

We spent the night in Eureka, and chose a hotel that advertised a continental breakfast. After a noisy night of trucks pulling into the Safeway loading dock across the street, I was in the shower when Denver D went down to the lobby to get the continental breakfast. When he returned, he knocked on the bathroom door and announced, "Wait'll you see what I got us for breakfast!" He was still chuckling when I came out to investigate.

The advertised continental breakfast was two Dixie cups of Tang and two Jiffy blueberry muffins.

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