Friday, May 16, 2008

Another Experience

I had my legs waxed again.

Zirpu and I are going on a cruise to Alaska and I was thinking about swim suits and swimming pools on a ship full of Boomers+ and I just thought, "I'll do this so I can feel normal and not feel like I'm some big political statement." Of course I heard my mom's voice all along.

I visited a different person this time (I found her the same way I found the last one). She looks like she is in her early twenties, and I managed to spare her my feminist angst about leg hair. I understood after just a few words that she wouldn't get it. Also, I decided talking about it would just expose me as a hypocrite.

I've been having conversations with a friend who recently chose not to shave her legs, so far anyway (I'm allowing her the opportunity to change her mind), because she is a feminist. She and I have been talking about it because when she worries about how hairy her legs are, I have shown her mine. Right now, when I worry about being a sellout, I imagine telling this friend that I had all the hair taken off. How can I be her role model if I'm not modeling? On the other hand, I think she of all people would understand social anxiety's ups and downs.

So, like last time, it kind of sucks at the same time it doesn't. I wore a less-than-ankle-length skirt at the dance studio yesterday, and felt comfortable about doing so. I usually don't feel comfortable doing that without tights, including changing from shorts to pants at other times. It was nice, but annoying that that's what it takes.

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