Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Wise Words

None of the people in this photo is Dances Under The Moon, but we are all wearing hats

YaYa Dances Under The Moon sent out this email the other day, so I'm sending it out to you as well.

Well it's official, I am now a true old lady. What? you might say.
Well the other morning I got up, took my shower, then proceeded to slather
Jean Nate' lotion all over my body. That was bad enough, then I realized I
liked it. So I may never let my snow white hair grow out, but underneath it
all it's true I have arrived. Well I am the senior of all of us. So remember
I demand respect! I also have realized although I am old, I am not dead!!! I
have decided that I have much to do in the next 50 years. It starts in 2009.
I will have my list completed when we meet in March. I will look forward to
seeing your list also.

I will tell you one on my list. I have decided to wear hats more. Hats are good.
They keep the heat in, they are good for bad hair days, and they give you
different personalities, I mean a good mood change thing. God knows I need some
mood changes sometimes. All in all what I have realized is that I am damn happy,
and I plan on staying that way. Hope all the yayas have a fantastic 2009.
Love you all.

Dances under the moon

I get up, I walk, I fall down, Meanwhile I keep dancing.

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Saipan Writer said...

I love hats. Any excuse to engage in a little hat wearing is okay by me. Where I live, it's more important that they provide for a shaded brow than that they keep in the heat, though. :-)

Our local theatre group will be staging My Fair Lady this spring. I like the hats! Not too keen on the ending of the play or the overall story. Don't even like the music that much... But I like the hats!