Thursday, January 24, 2008

The Challenge

Partway through NaBloPoMo, someone created a group of people who would blog every day in 2008. I thought about, but chose not to join. While in some ways I've finding it harder to blog three times a week (like, remembering the third time), writing daily for an audience was pretty challenging and I wanted to beg off.

Most of the blogs I read regularly have entries once a week or every couple of weeks, so I'll check and come back and check and come back until I see something I haven't read yet. It's always fun to see something new but I never know when there will be a new post.

The other day I stopped by the blog of one of the 365ers and read the page. I found myself thinking, "Jeez, this woman writes a lot!" [as in "often"]

Well, duh-uh. I did that, why did it surprise me that she is?

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