Sunday, January 27, 2008

Feelin' It

I'm turning forty this year and let me tell you, I am feeling it. I don't know why, since I don't generally consider myself vain or one of those people who has some idea about "youth and beauty." I know this is stupid because I have lots of friends who are over forty (and well over 40) and I never think about that unless they say something about it. I didn't know that I was feeling it until I realized that lately I've been giving some friends of mine a hard time about being in their early twenties (21, 23, and 25, respectively), and then I thought, "Where is that coming from?"

I wonder where this 'turning forty = over the hill' thing comes from? At the very least it's out of date; with all these Boomers around, "50 is the new 30," you know. I feel like I'm at the beginning of so many things - and on my third career (or maybe the second round of my first career). Maybe I feel like I should have accomplished "more" by now, but "more" of what? I'm busy being a good member of my community and my family, and that doesn't come with any titles, promotions, or raises, and little recognition in the wider world. But being a good member of my community and my family is something that never slacks off or ends - there is no "hill" here.

I had my first birthday celebration at Knudsen's Ice Creamery last week with about a dozen friends. That afternoon I had walked up to the 99-cent store and got a couple of candles to use all year, and put them on the banana split that KT's aunt and I shared. When it arrived, the Trained Killer started the singing of "Happy Unbirthday to You." Afterwards Miz Jinkins offered that JayBear could be my birthday party mascot.

If it didn't require continuous bleaching, I would keep my hair purple. I don't know if it makes me look younger, but I think it makes me seem younger. Not to mention that I think it makes me look really hip. A cute guy flirted with me last night at a bar while I was with KT, No, Dre, and some other friends, starting off with telling me my purple hair was fabulous and ending with kissing my hand. Vanity, it's all vanity!


Mark said...

Come check out how others are experiencing Turning 40 at

It's an incredible turning point thanks for sharing your thoughts.


Saipan Writer said...

Happy birthday--belated?

I disliked my 40's--they were pretty awful, with of course, a beautiful bright spot when my dd was born.

My 50's though, are rockin'.