Sunday, February 24, 2008

Get Down On It

Raj, Saj, and Dimpi had a bunch of cousins, and there were many afternoons when the four of them, the three Singhs, and No and I would all hang out together even though Raj and the oldest cousin were so much older than we were. I remember very challenging games of "Mother May I?" and "Simon Says" with Raj or the cousin being "mother."

One afternoon, we were all in the living room listening to Earth, Wind, and Fire, The Jacksons, and Kool and The Gang. The Singhs had the coolest stereo cabinet with the hifi in the center. The speaker cabinets had covers on them that lit up in green, yellow, and red with the rhythm of the music. Jindi and Biji never seemed to care how loud the music was.

There was a young woman who had one of those rhyming names who was also often at the Singhs' house. We called her by both names all the time. Raj recently told me that she was a teenager who'd been traveling around the US and wound up working for his parents at the store. While we were dancing spastically the way young kids do, Teri Blackcherry appeared and announced she was going to teach us the Hustle line dance (I think the hustle partner dance would have been beyond us in elementary school). We moved some chairs out of the way and she got us in two lines, smaller kids in the front.

Celebrate good times, come on!

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