Monday, February 4, 2008

Call me, pollsters!

I'm having one of those cranky elections where I'm voting no on almost everything.

But I wish a pollster would call me so I could say:

Yes, I'm voting Democratic.

Yes, I'm a woman.

Yes, I'm white.

Yes, I'm 39.

No, I'm undecided.

I am running out of time for deciding! Every argument I hear is a good one or a bad one for each candidate, and maybe I have to think about November too.


Saipan Writer said...

There are a couple of interesting quizzes out there to help you decide. I've got one linked on my blog, and it links to a more complex one that it is based on. Maybe it will help you see what candidate is most aligned with your views. You might still like a different candidate better for other reasons, but at least you'll have a bit of fun--with the quiz that is.

Saipan Writer said...

Oops! I see you've already linked to the survey, too! And still undecided! Good luck.