Monday, April 21, 2008


Saturday I picked up my very own copy of the previously mentioned Good Poems. On Sunday, there was an interview with California State Poet Laureate Al Young in the newspaper. I wasn't familiar with his work, so I Googled him. There was also a terrible review of a book about Allen Ginsberg in India, in which the reviewer can only praise the parts that quote Ginsberg. Furthermore, Seamus Heaney is discussed in the novel I'm currently reading, so I looked him up in my Norton's. When I went to look up some information about "Dayenu" on Prairie Home Companion yesterday, there were tons of poems right on the home page. I turned on the radio last night and Alice Walker was reading from Absolute Trust In The Goodness of the Earth on To The Best of Our Knowledge.

Bink sent me an email warning me that there was a piece on This American Life on "This Is Just To Say" in which they parodied my favorite poem. She said some of the parodies were quite dark. It has never occurred to me to parody it, which is probably why I got such a kick out of Erica-Lynn Gambino's version, though now that I've heard a few, it does seem to lend itself. I almost didn't listen to it ("act two" starts about 50 minutes in) because I thought it might ruin the original for me, but I couldn't resist. The one I like the best is the one least like the original, in which the narrator forgives her mother for everything.... including leaving.

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