Wednesday, April 16, 2008

In For A Penny, In For A Pound

I celebrated my April Unbirthday at the Forbidden Island Tiki Lounge this week. Tuesday is my "late day" and it's close to work, and several folks showed up. When I got there, a couple people had already ordered me the traditional birthday drink, the Forbidden Island Mai Tai. As you can see, it came with a flaming sugar cube on top. This was good since I forgot my "4" and "0" candles. It also came with a Forbidden Island Tiki Mug, which I'm considering using at the food bank as a coffee cup.

Three-quarters of the way through the drink I realized I shouldn't drive home. Zirpu couldn't come to the party because he is at a conference this week, so some strategizing followed about how to get back to Alameda in the morning if I left my car there. Once I knew one drink was too much to drive home on, I kept drinking. In for penny, in for a pound. With BART and cabs I knew that I would only be incoveniencing myself, though everyone was very kind about offering to drive me from BART in the morning or a place to sleep over that night. One of the things I was aware of was that some of the people at the party are volunteers at the food bank, so I felt like since I'm their "manager" I had to be extra careful to show good judgment, to not reflect poorly on myself.

I went to a 21st birthday party on Saturday, which I think is the first one I've attended since I was in my mid-twenties. I was joking with a friend about "showing these young'uns how it's done" but somehow I was on the BART and on my way home before 11pm that night. It must be said that we had dinner at 6pm, so the party had started early, but still. . .

I guess Wednesday night, when I wound up sleeping for a few hours at MA's place and getting home at 5:30, I did show 'em how it's done. Of course, no one was watching.

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