Friday, December 14, 2007

Blogging thoughts

While I felt like I was on a roll in November, now I feel like I'm winding down. I think this may be because a) I'm not reading other NaBloPoMoer's daily blogs, but mostly b) I'm not taking time to write. I keep thinking I will and then the day gets away from me (I just looked at the clock and it's 9:45 - what?!?!). I have a couple posts bubbling in my head, and a couple of one-liner subjects, but they will take some effort to write and work this week has been followed by some event or another (just as next week will be also).

Maybe I'm just slowing down this close to the finish line.

I picked up my journal a couple days ago and thought about how I haven't written in it much this year. I know that's because I've been writing so much here. I also know that in the posts that are more like journal entries I'm leaving stuff out - I don't want everything out here sometimes. So my journaling is suffering even if my writing is not (and that could be debatable I suppose). As strange as this blogging thing is, it's a little stranger to realize that so many weeks go by between writing anything down. There were two incidents in particular that didn't get written about at all - I chose not to write about them here, and I didn't write about them in my journal either because my "writing energy" goes into this.

I must pay better attention to this blog again.

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