Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Identification, Please

I was carded on Sunday at Safeway, for a bottle of Bailey's Irish Cream (it's winter - time for hot chocolate "with"). I was more focused on taking some of the cans I'd purchased to the county food bank collection barrel, and actually said, "Are you carding me for the Bailey's?"

Paulo mentioned last week that the bleach makes me look younger, and Zirpu agrees - Zirpu says it's not the bleached hair so much as it is that my hair is so obviously bleached, as I now have almost half an inch of dark brown hair below the straw-colored part. Someone in their late 30's might not be so cavalier about the roots showing, I guess. Well, it'll be purple soon, which should camouflage the brown.

The last time I got carded was a few days before my 35th birthday. The checker asked me if I was 21, and when I said yes he asked, "For how long?" Well, not only did I have to do some math, I first had to remember how old I actually was, because I've been 27 for a long time. After a few beats I replied, "Fourteen years?" and he said something flattering along the lines of "You look so young!" I almost said it was due to laughter and sex, but realized that wouldn't be an appropriate answer in a Safeway, so chuckled and replied, "Laughter and dancing."

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