Monday, December 10, 2007

What To Do, What To Do?

The end of 2007 approaches and I find myself wondering what I will do with this blog next year.

I don't really want to continue writing every day. Though maybe I "should," for the "discipline" and practice" of it (of what?). I've been thinking maybe setting a goal of writing three times a week (which would give me an out on some very difficult Wednesdays). Or just posting whenever I feel like it, like normal bloggers (is there such a thing?). I could even pick a theme for 2008, but I don't know much about any one thing in particular to build a whole blog around it. Many of the posts I like best are the ones tagged "memory" but a blog dedicated to my childhood and growing up seems kind of silly.

Some NaBloPoMo'ers have set themselves up to blog every day, starting December 1 I think. I sent the organizer an email of support and some ideas I had and methods I used, but I told her/him that I won't join. The main thing though is that I've been down this road already and I'm not sure I want to do it again. I didn't add this, but for one thing it's another Ning thing and as I said before, belonging to is bad enough.

Writing this blog is strange. . . Usually the daily writing exercise is just for the writer, but I haven't been writing this that way, most of the time. I've been writing for an audience, which I suspect is larger than I actually know. I have written a fair amount of crap on those days when it's forced, though I've never done what Peter Elbow recommends, which is when you get stuck, just keep writing the same word over until the next thing occurs to you you you you you. . .

What should I do? Like the Christmas card thing, this is one of those things where the decision will be made for me if I don't make a decision.

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