Monday, January 29, 2007

Reap the Whirlwind

Yesterday KT's friend hosted a bridal shower for her, and we had a list of questions KT had to answer about No. This is a pretty common game, I guess: For every one the bride answers incorrectly she has to chew a piece of bubblegum. The idea is that eventually the bride will have a big wad of gum in her mouth (at the last shower I attended when this game was played I think the bride had eight pieces at the end).

KT only missed four questions of twenty, and in fact, talking it over with No later, he said that one of her wrong answers (to "Which celebrity would No like to have dinner with the most?") was a better answer than the one he had originally given to us. So no big wads of gum, though the game was refereed by a seven-year-old who was very strict about the rules: "The answer is 'pimped-out Prius.' You didn't say 'pimped-out.' You have to chew a piece of gum."

I don't think I would have done as well if I was asked those questions about Zirpu. However, No and KT have dated longer than Zirpu and I have even known each other and we're coming up on our fourth wedding anniversary in a couple of weeks. I overheard KT say that Zirpu and I had a real whirlwind of a romance.

It doesn't feel that way, and it didn't at the time, but I did ask him to marry me on the first anniversary of our first date, and we did get married just six months after that. When I tell it that way it seems like quite the hurry-up job. It's certainly something I would advise a friend against doing. I would have said, "You barely know the guy! Maybe you should live together for a couple years first. What's the big hurry?"

At the time, it seemed like the right thing to do - and not the right thing to do like "I found a wallet and mailed it back to the owner" but the "cannot NOT do it" right thing to do.

Even if I did marry a stranger... and he is mighty strange.

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