Thursday, March 22, 2007

2 + 1 = >3

Mom told me the other day that the House Dad I mentioned last month and the kids were coming over to her house for dinner tonight. Working Mom is in New York on business. I asked if Zirpu and I could come over too, and she said yes.

So we all met at her house this evening and had steak and potatoes, the oldest kid's favorite dinner. House Dad and Working Mom's kids are nine, six, and three; the three year old is a girl, the other two boys. Rather than play with modeling clay and draw, the kids played with Zirpu. He is like a jungle gym who talks and chases and tickles. This allowed me, Mom, and House Dad to have a fair amount of good conversation.

House Dad and I discussed it andI'm looking forward to dragging them (well, maybe the two younger ones) to FairyLand, and going with all of them to the Jelly Belly Factory and the Nut Tree.

This is the first family I've been close to with three children close in age. Three is a lot of kids. It seems like more than two plus one.

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