Thursday, March 8, 2007

A Sweet Thing

Zirpu brings me coffee in bed in the morning. Definitely a morning person, he is up around 5am every weekday. Since we sold the Prius, I've been driving him to BART, and I was getting up right before getting in the car. I realized that even though I wake up quickly, I wasn't totally oriented by the time we were leaving for the station. I asked him to wake me about ten minutes before I needed to get up, and that it would be nice if he brought me a cup of coffee.

I'm usually awake-but-eyes-closed when he comes in, coffee in hand. He even puts milk in my coffee. Sometimes he brings his own cup in and gets back into bed with me to sip and chat. I know two other men who do this: One couple have been married over forty years, and No does it for KT.

I'm really glad I asked Zirpu to do this. I know that he wouldn't have thought of doing it on his own, and I don't mind that. I've learned in my life with Zirpu that it's much better to ask him to do something romantic than wish he would, because he's just not romantic. In general, I've learned in my life that you don't get things you don't ask for. Well, sometimes you do, but they are rarely things you want.

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pj said...

hey... that's a great idea.