Tuesday, March 6, 2007

I see Paris, I see Dorset

I see someone's small black corset.

The photographer who shot No and KT's wedding has posted a slide show on her blog. They are great photos of No and KT before, during, and after the wedding, as well as the next day walking on the beach and in town (there's one in which you can see the photographer's reflection; extra credit if you spy it).

In about half of them in which I appear, and some of the video taken that night (which wasn't done by her) you can see the tip of my corset peeking out. Damn it! I should have taken it off and put it back on lower, but I thought pulling it down would work well enough.

The day KT and No got married I was dashing from room to room and in less than five minutes eight people told me "some black was showing." I hate to say I finally hollered, "I know! Give me just a minute! I haven't had time to fix it yet!" to get people to back the hell off. I was really really annoyed - this thing was definitely pressing some buttons, and I was pretty wound up by then. I went into a bedroom, pulled the corset down, and took a few minutes to calm down. If I had been thinking more clearly or had had someone to help out I might have taken it off and put it back on.

I hope no one mentions this to me, saying something like "Too bad you're underwear's showing in all these pictures." Because the only response I will have to any equivalent of "I told you so" will be "You're right."

Finally, the big shot of the wedding party? I was waiting for the photographer to tell me where to stand - she probably thought I was telepathic rather than hard of hearing. I didn't know she was shooting so I'm not only not smiling but I'm not holding my flowers like a normal bridesmaid. At least my corset's not showing.

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