Saturday, March 3, 2007

Ahhh, back at the dance studio. We've been away for two weeks, and it seems much longer.

Our regular dance teacher is out of town today, at her grandmother's birthday party. We had our lesson with our other regular dance teacher (who, I suspect, will be more and more regular for us as KT's responsibilities at the studio grow) and worked on Silver 1 waltz and rumba. The magic of the Arthur Murray System is, of course, that all the dances are interrelated, so we learned essentially the same step in both dances. Except of course that they are completely different. (-:

It felt good to get back to waltz. It feels like a long time since we've danced any waltz, and it's been a long time since we learned a new step, because we so recently had our check-out for Bronze 4. We've been dancing a lot of salsa recently, and merengue (ma-ren-gay); at our last lesson that's all we did and then of course in Puerto Vallarta we danced even more. Zirpu and I even led a couple of merengue/conga lines, complete with tunnels, because we are, after all, Arthur Murray Hayward dancers and that's what we do at parties in Hayward.

Hayward is in the house!

I taught several men and a few couples some basic salsa. One couple was really motivated to learn and so in half an hour I got them doing basics, turns, and the cross-body lead. Another couple sounded motivated to learn, but the wife kept saying that she "couldn't dance." I believe that if you can count to eight, you can dance (and for salsa you don't even need to count to eight; six will do fine), and I felt like saying "Argue for your limitations, and sure enough, they're yours." We had fun in the lesson anyway - lots of laughter, and dance is a means to pleasure.

Zirpu was out there dancing with the ladies who didn't have dance partners. He said his only regret for the week was that they didn't play more music he could dance to, because there were women who wanted a spin on the dance floor. This is how cool, in all senses of the word, my husband is:

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