Friday, March 2, 2007

An apology and a recommendation

I think yesterday's post is pretty terrible. It does forward my goal of telling people they should be prepared, but... ugh. I wrote it when I was tired and uninspired and really just wanted to go to bed, still recovering from the trip last week I think. But you deserve better.

Further ugh, I opened up this morning and saw that there was a tornado in Alabama, Georgia, and Missouri that killed 20 people yesterday, including a bunch of students when parts of their high school collapsed.

I will need to plan ahead and think about my best writing time of the day. I suspect it is in the morning or early afternoon (I am writing this just before noon). Having an idea to write about is another challenge: How to build something around a single idea that is long and interesting enough to read. Herb Caen got around this by using his "three dots" in his column, but I am not in his class to do it on a regular basis.

Tea has written a beautiful post about growing up and a person who showed her the way. I encourage you to read it. The part that most resonates with me is toward the end, where she describes Amanda's gingersnaps. If you read, or have already read, about Aunt Syl's enchilada sauce, you'll know why. Because I can replace the words "Amanda's gingersnaps" with "Aunt Syl's enchilada sauce" and "creaming butter" with "chopping peppers," I know she feels about those gingersnaps the way I feel about Phil's enchilada sauce.

As long as we are remembered, we live.

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Boegle said...

I think the post was fine yesterday. But I understand. I am at a point on the blogging road where I get really uncertain about how I want to write, and what I want to write about.

Don't worry. Every day can't be perfect.