Sunday, April 15, 2007

I-5 Boogie

Because I went to college and then chose to live 800 miles away from my hometown, I've done the I-5 Boogie to and from the Bay Area a number of times. Once I moved to Portland from Tacoma, I went up to Seattle often, a trip I did so many times that it started to seem as though I would leave Vancouver, blink and leave Olympia, blink and be driving through Tacoma.

My favorite part of the trip north is the section driving past Lake and Mount Shasta. It's pretty year 'round and the road is narrow and twisty, making for interesting driving. My least favorite part is wherever the road becomes the highway through town and I have to change my thought processes from long-distance driving to "pay attention to all this traffic!"

On each occasion I head north, I never feel like the trip has actually started until Dunnigan is receding in the rearview and I am actually on 5. Coming south, I feel like the trip is winding down once I get to Vacaville and 80.

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