Friday, April 20, 2007

Not really worth reading

So, I knew I should have written this earlier in the day, but I got up late and had less than an hour here before leaving for the food bank (to which I arrived about twenty minutes late anyway). It takes me about an hour to write the easy posts - even the short ones start out as much longer and sometimes as about something else entirely.

Now it's after 10pm and I've gotten home after a fundraiser for The Clarence Foundation at which I had three lemon drops and not much in the way of food and I'm sleeeeeeepy. And sore from standing most of the day, including at Dragon Bar where the fundraiser was. I did write today, while I was on the train into SF, but it's not in the shape in which I could just type it into this window.

Think along the lines of "Coming Attractions" while you read the following possible post ideas:

Heroes and their clay feet
Youth doing good works
The Governator's appearance on "Pimp My Ride"
Defensive routes
Camp Odyssey
Reading old journals
Other People's Kids
Peoples Temple

I think part of why my posts have been short lately is because a big section of my mind has been mulling over a lot of things related to Peoples Temple, cults, and my own experience with religion. I haven't been able to synthesize any of it into coherent pieces, let alone one piece. I know I have at least one more Peoples Temple post inside me and I may have two.

Tomorrow I will be at a training all day for the Literacy Plus program so I'm sure I'll have something to say about that as well.

Nighty-night ~

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