Tuesday, April 3, 2007

More thoughts on the Seder

Last night's Seder plate, clockwise from left: Lamb shank; parsley; matzo; roasted egg; charoset; horseradish; an orange in the center. Manishewitz Concord Grape Wine and Kedem Grape Juice are the traditional beverages, though most people prefer a wine that isn't as sweet as Manishewitz.

Having had some time to mull over what I was feeling last night, I'm following up.

Firstly, that warm feeling was the feeling that I was sitting with Shmeen and her family even though we are a couple hundred miles apart from each other. That's community!

I've thought more about why the phrase "This is what G-d did for me when He brought me out of Egypt" (which is how I learned it, a slightly different version than the one we used last night) strikes such a chord with me. It's because it says that there is nothing between me and the Divine; that the Divine is directly interested and paying attention to my life. I call this the Universe, but the idea is the same: Wasn't it Gandhi, a Jain, who said that God is known by many names?

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