Thursday, May 10, 2007


I've been going through a small box of photographs, cards, letters and a bunch of essays and fiction I wrote a thousand years ago (seriously, some are from college but most of them are from junior high and it's too painful to look at them). I also found my high school mortar board tassel in purple and white with a gold-colored plastic '86 attached.

The photos are generally from 1997 to 2002, though there are a few from very long before that, like a senior prom pictures (oh my god, the gloves!) and some pictures from freshman year in college in which Spudwhip and I are dressed like mimes for a fundraising event. There are pictures I don't want anymore: Some are just lousy pictures, and some are of people I barely remember. There are a lot of pictures of Denver D, because we did live together (not very happily, half the time) for three years and we did travel a lot together, mostly to Colorado, but also to Big Sur, Death Valley, and Maui.

So what to do with these pictures of Denver D? We haven't spoken in over four years, and I'm not willing to do anything to change that. It's possible that someday we could start speaking again; I believe we have two friends in common even now. Once upon a time, I loved him, and he loved me, and we had a close relationship for most of fifteen years. I don't want to throw the photos all out, and not just because I would feel guilty about doing so. He's part of the record of certain things we did together, or we look so cute in the photo that I want to save it because I'm so adorable in it.

I've decided to send several of them to Spudwhip. He's in a lot of them, anyway. Then he can decide what to do with the photos.

I really want a scanner. I know there are more pictures somewhere, because I know that as diligent as I was for awhile, I know I didn't put everything in photo albums.

I'll write later about the stuff in the box that isn't photos.

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