Thursday, May 24, 2007


I am going to have to think about Wednesdays.

I left the house for the second time this morning at 9:20 and just got back, 15 hours later. Sheneleh and I planned to meet for dinner, so instead of coming home after work I went to Berkeley and hung out until she arrived. After dinner we went to the BWG meeting. After the meeting, TL and I went to Au Coquelet for steamed milks.

I suspected that working close to full time would tempt me to affect my ability to write every day. I'm still committed. That means that on the evenings when I have plans before the meeting I'll also have to plan when I'm going to write here. Even if it means writing it longhand while hanging out and then typing it in when I get home.

My thoughts about Thursdays: Thursdays are going to feel very early. I plan to leave tomorrow at 715am. I have to be at the base site at 8am, and I don't know what traffic will be like at that hour, nor do I know any alternate routes to Alameda from here.


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