Saturday, June 23, 2007

<--- Both Ways --->

It's LGBTQ Pride Weekend in San Francisco. I went to a kickoff party at The Killer Lady's place last night and will be meeting friends and bi group people at the Dyke March this afternoon.

For the last several years I've gone to the Dyke March with the specific agenda of increasing bisexual visibility. The philosophy behind the Dyke March is to include all women who love women, but because of assumptions, bisexuals disappear unless we claim ourselves loud and clear. A few years ago someone started selling stickers that said "bi-identified dyke," which was a start (I tore the "dyke" part of the sticker off and wore it on my back), and since then I've always worn something to show that I love men too (especially one in particular).

There's a part of me that specifically wants to show the lesbians at the Dyke March that when they see me they see a bi person. I'm a political bisexual, as most of my queer identity is tied up in my political beliefs, and when I'm feeling it, I have to be political for people at both ends of the Kinsey Scale, and also for the middle: So many women have come to the bi group over the years saying that they felt alone because it seemed to them like they were the only person they knew who didn't fit one way or the other.

The other night I made myself a shirt with two of my favorite phrases so I can wear it today at the March. I wear a wedding ring so I think that most of the time people assume I am straight. At an event called the Dyke March, with thousands of women participating, I feel like people may assume that I'm a lesbian. So to be visible as a bi person, I have to have a visual marker to show it.

We're here, we're kind of queer, we're not going anywhere, and there are more of us than you think.

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