Monday, June 11, 2007

A thousand pictures tell...

June 9, 2007

Zirpu and I start the I5 Boogie.

Mount Shasta

Zirpu's sister and her dog Izzy

Zirpu's mom's canine companion Dusty 2, who's not very bright even for a cocker spaniel.

Yard art in Zirpu's dad's and stepmom's yard

Happy birthday Rat Chaser!

One of the nieces with the lighter

Lilwil and Bink


K-Bob and Zirpu get in one last game before bed

June 10, 2007

Zirpu at Powell's City of Books

Shobi-wan's family

I've been living in Hayward long enough to be impressed with restored vehicles, but the Harry and David's store in Medford is pretty good too.

Bug and Pia take collections for Bug's college fund

Boy gets tossed in the pool for some infraction

Half the crowd who met for breakfast at the Lumberjack Restaurant in Redding

Bug's fellow gets some treatment for his hangover

Pia's son Otter practices raspberries while I smile at the camera

Pia walks on water on Bug's second-place winning physics project

June 11, 2007

Home again: 2,122 miles round trip

Hayward --> Clackamas --> Bellingham --> Anacortes (I took the ferry from there) --> Bellingham --> Tacoma --> Portland --> Redding --> Hayward

There should be a picture of Miss Cuteness and the Fireball, but they were having such a frenzy when we saw them that it wasn't possible to capture it. There are no pictures from the ferry ride because it was so beautiful and grey-green that they wouldn't have translated to film (or should I say "film" since it's all just electrons anyway?).

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