Tuesday, September 18, 2007

260 and 256

It is the 260th day of 2007. I've written 256 posts, which is more than I thought it would be, given the multiple days I didn't post due to vacations. Heck, I was in Mexico for a week! And in or on the road to and from Colorado for another week. Not to mention the shorter periods of no internet access. What a mystery.

I've been feeling low on steam for this project lately. The last week or so I have been having trouble sleeping, I think I may have been all wound up about the Food Bank moving on Saturday. You see, I had told the Food Bank Director that I wanted a triple-wide trailer for my birthday, and he made it happen. Unfortunately the move-out date was my birthday so I wound up working on my birthday for the first time in four years (which had been the first time in at least four years, but I had been "released to work" on that day so I had to go in).

Last night took advantage of feeling sleepy after dinner and got under the covers to read pretty much immediately. Being in bed for two hours before sleeping works much better when you get in bed at 830 than when you get in bed at 1030. And I actually woke up rested this morning for a change!

All that was part of my saying that being tired makes it hard to write. DaveO and I used to look at each other on Fridays, after a week of studying, and say, "My brain is full!" I don't know what it's full of now, but it feels like cotton and not much of anything to write about most of the time. I couldn't even plan a big birthday event for myself (like ice cream at Knudsen's) and as a result didn't have one, which bummed me out.

Here it is almost ten pm and I'm writing this post now. However, I'm also ending it so I can go to bed. G'night!

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