Friday, September 7, 2007

The Orkin Man

Zirpu and I came back from Las Vegas to find ants in the freezer. They are terribly strong, but not terribly smart - the half dozen that had gotten in (I don't even want to think about how) had frozen themselves to death. Other ants were climbing up and down the outside of the refrigerator.

Zirpu goes into vinegar battle with the ants just about every morning and evening these days. We have been told that they are in search of water in this hot and dry summer weather. Zirpu is getting sick of fighting the ants and our half gallon jug of vinegar is missing a couple inches already.

This evening Zirpu announced he's going to work from home on Monday so he can meet the Orkin Man. I guess they don't have any women working for them... It seems pretty old-fashioned, when most companies have moved away from gender-specific titles (like Orkin Man). Whoever comes, I am thinking that they will stop those ants from coming in the house.

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