Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Babies Coming

I had dinner with a friend who is six months pregnant. It was interesting to listen to all of the changes she's experiencing. Since it's not happening to me I can just be excited, and I've been asked to co-host a shower for her. Yay! Another party! This one is definitely going to be about mama - the baby will get plenty of attention when she or he shows up.

I can't think of another big event that happens in your life that you can plan around but not exactly when it's going to happen. Like, if the hospital's in San Francisco and the parents are in Oakland and the baby starts coming at 700am on a Tuesday, what's the alternate plan, in case the baby comes really fast?

On the other hand, some things being the way they are, you know when the baby's coming and can absolutely plan ahead. That happens too.

Here's a shout out to Bink and her family. I've been thinking about you all day!

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