Sunday, September 30, 2007


I've been feeling a little sorry for myself and slightly annoyed at lots of people. It started with my birthday and hasn't really gone away yet.

And then I have the privilege of knowing some people through the food bank who make me realize that I'm being petty and the annoyance is stupid, reminding me to let whatever it is go. I know a couple who have been living in their Dodge Caravan for months, have no kitchen or real space, and which hasn't really run for two months. Recently security in the neighborhood where they've been parked has been stepped up and they have had to move twice since last Tuesday. My big fear is that their vehicle will be impounded, at which time they will be shelterless as well as carless and with no way to get it back. They have a little income from SSI, but that wouldn't be enough for them to get their car out of hock.

Yet, when I talk to them they say that "Things will work out, they always do" and that they will just trust in God. They are both almost always smiling and the man keeps himself busy with recycling for two hours every morning. Now that the food bank is within walking distance they've been coming over and offering me a hand with sorting or packing or loading, help I've been needing, due a coincidental drop in numbers of volunteers.

I'd been thinking about this couple when I went to bed, and I had a dream. I dreamt that Zirpu and I were living in an '85 Toyota Camry, and that we were breaking up because of the stress of having no money and no space. It is amazing that they stay so positive, living on little but love.

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