Sunday, August 12, 2007


This is a word a consistently mispronounce inside my head when I'm reading: The "ch" sound always comes through (this happens with "chaos" also).

The charms of English.

However, I have a terrible one that landed on me this morning and never totally went away. Zirpu and I went to The Turf Club to attend a fundraising brunch for the Lighthouse Community Center. We wound up eating breakfast much later than we would have otherwise, and I had a small mimosa. The headache came on on the way home, and we went to see The Bourne Ultimatum as planned. The hand-held camera work throughout the film did not help my headache. Drinking a bunch of water and eating lunch around 3pm didn't relieve it, though I felt fine when I was working out at the gym this evening. I came home and the headache came back while I checking my email.

All this is to say that this is where this post is going to end, because reading is making the headache worse. I'm going to lie down in the dark (good thing it's close to bedtime).

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