Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Something's Wrong

It's summer. People should be picking up seasonal work at fairs or in yards and houses, or traveling.

We served 46 households today. That is about twice what I would expect it to be for the first day of the month, and higher than the number we generally serve. If it were a Thursday or Friday in the last week of the month, sure, we would probably serve over forty families. But on the first day? A lot of the households who came through today were large ones; I would say at least a dozen households of five or more people. We also signed up about ten families or individuals.

One of my volunteers pointed out that on the first day of the month, often the mail is late because there's so much of it, and people can't wait.

In general it seems like our numbers are going up. We are now getting people from parts of town which we have not historically served. The FBD thinks that could be related to the whole mortgage mess that's happening all over the country: All those five year interest-only loans are starting to require principal payments and people are struggling. It seems to me also that people who would otherwise be working, aren't. I wonder what is going on.

I don't know who all these people are, but they are keeping us jumping!

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