Thursday, August 16, 2007


I haven't been doing what I intended with this blog recently. When we were on our Northwest Trek I actually came up with a plan, but I haven't pursued it for some time. By the time I turn to this, I realize it is 945 and I don't have the hour or two it would take me to write what I've been intending to write for several days. Tonight is a perfect example - I got involved in something right as I was sitting down to work on this, and did that instead. So I wind up I writing "what happened today" or something like that.

That has led me to wonder what's the point of having this blog be public? I keep "hearing" this question I was asked, which makes me blue.

You all can see the list of stuff I check often over here. --->>

Mick LaSalle writes almost daily, and I think he's doing a better job. Of course, he doesn't lug banana boxes around all day, and he's a professional writer (meaning, he has writing deadlines and a writing paycheck). Others don't write daily but they write better - "better" referring to both subject matter and quality.

Now it's 10:00pm and I'd really rather have my nose in my book.

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