Friday, August 10, 2007

Looks Like We're Going To Las Vegas

I got an email from KT a few days ago asking if Zirpu and I have birthday plans. Her mother is planning a reception for her and No in the city where she lives, and KT wanted to get her commitments down. I said Zirpu and I had talked briefly about going to Las Vegas for our birthdays during our birthday weekend, and the day after that we received an invitation to go to Las Vegas with them, Paulo, Dre, Psycopat, and Macho the first week of September.

We're going with them. I like all these people, certainly I've known all the guys forever, but it seems funny to me that we're going on a vacation with them. I think it will be fun, mostly because Zirpu and I will do what we always do - play video poker at a bar and people-watch - and hook up with the others whenever we hook up. Dre has already made dinner reservations for the first night we're there. I suggested maybe this could be our birthday dinner and she responded yes, if we wear party hats and they get to sing.

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