Tuesday, July 10, 2007

A Child's Eye

We spent Saturday with Shmeen, Shman, and the girls (well, mostly Sa, as Ya napped through most of our visit).

I took a picture of Shmeen and Sa with my phone/camera. Sa was very interested in the camera, so I showed her how it worked. Then I gave it to her and let her take pictures. She took some unusual ones of walls and corners, and a heat register, and then she went out in the living room tot ake one of Shman.

Shmeen suggested that Sa not take a photo of Daddy and I suddenly remembered that it was Shabbat (read the section headed "Shamor: To Observe) and Sa shouldn't have been playing with anything electronic in the first place. I heard Shman tell her that he wouldn't want Sa to break the camera so she shouldn't take pictures, but by then she'd taken half a dozen so that didn't wash.

Shman avoided having his picture taken, but Sa's dolly did not.

I wonder what Sa was seeing when she was taking photos. The wall photos aren't interesting to look at (and she may have been taking those to learn how the camera works) but for some reason this picture interests me. Maybe it's the expression on the doll's face, the frightened eyes and happy mouth. Maybe it's just that a four year old took this picture and I'll never know.

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