Thursday, July 12, 2007

Getting Ready!

The Killer Lady and I are leaving for Cabinstock on Thursday. I've had food bank stuff on my mind recently and had sort of pushed the plans to the back of my mind, and then Marko called yesterday to discuss some details. I'm all excited now. Besides, today turned out to be the best chance to get everything organized to go, and staging the gear increased my excitement.

The first thing I did was go to various grocery stores to get the food. I wouldn't have gone to more than one, but I was looking for Tasty Bite Indian food packets, handy because they don't require refrigeration. Next Thursday morning I'll get some apples and bread for the trip. I've pulled old water from our earthquake kit and replaced it with new water. I have quite a bit of booze in the cupboard, most of which I will bring along, and while I don't expect the level of drinking I've seen in the past, one wants a complete bar, doesn't one? Especially when the nearest liquor store is 30 minutes away.

Zirpu and I recently purchased a tent, which I put up today for a test run. It's a much bigger tent than the one I used to have, which actually self-destructed during Cabinstock in 2002. The tent will be very cozy; I asked Zirpu to take the rain fly off because it was getting too warm for comfort in there with the tent in the ballroom. All the parts were there, including the cupholder, hanging above Mom's head in this picture. I'm trying to decide if I'm going to take Zirpu's sleeping bag, which goes to 20*F but has a narrow foot, or if I'm going to take my sleeping bag arrangement, which is more comfortable but much much larger to roll (it's a sleeping bag inside another sleeping bag).

I can't believe that I'm old enough for something to be happening for the twentieth time in my adulthood. The first Cabinstock was a weekend of Phil and friends playing music and drinking heavily, and then it happened again the next summer, and the next. The first time I went, a couple months after graduation, 65 people attended at least one night of the four during Cabinstock.

I'm excited, and I'm almost ready to leave.

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