Friday, July 27, 2007

Hi Honey, I'm Home

When I was in Colorado and people were getting ready to leave the Cabin, I started handing out my cards. I ordered cards from VistaPrint a few months ago and have handed out a few, or written notes on them. I used to like having business cards but when I stopped having a business I stopped having cards, too. So I got free ones, with my favorite John Lennon quote on them as well as my phone number and email address. Zirpu encouraged me to include my blog address, so I did. By that time I'd been writing here for a few months and was feeling okay about sharing the blog.

So now a bunch of these guys (hi guys!) have this URL. I don't know if they will read this (hi guys!), though at least one of them said he would. I'm feeling a little exposed... I guess because there's a whole slew of things I think and write about that I've barely discussed with my Colorado crowd (hi guys!). Well, we are old friends anyway. It'll be good to know each other better.

Stupidly, I didn't collect as many email addresses as cards I gave out. That means that they will have to email me first (hi guys! Hear my request?). Then maybe we can have some between-Cabinstocks conversation.

I am having a very difficult time typing this. I think that I'm starting to have some motor skills difficulties since I've been up since yesterday morning. I slept in the car but it wasn't exactly "good sleep." When The Killer Lady and I arrived at the Cabin last week we were both awake for hours, even after sharing a bottle of wine. A couple showed up with some very energetic pugs, so I think maybe we soaked up some of the canine energy.

I'm going to take a nap. I haven't seen Zirpu yet - we got here at 830 this morning and he'd already left for work. He tells me he plans to be home around seven, but has to work tomorrow. I've noticed he left his wedding ring on the bathroom counter so maybe he's out visiting his other wife.

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