Saturday, July 28, 2007

Quiet Day

Zirpu left for work before I was really awake this morning. He doesn't usually have to work on Saturdays, but they had a colo move scheduled this weekend so after a week away I still am not seeing him.

I woke up after thirteen hours of sleep and had bird-in-the-nest for breakfast, along with some bacon Zirpu purchased while I was gone (he also purchased a ten pound bag of beans for which I am still waiting a reasonable explanation). I did laundry, caught up on the episodes of As Time Goes By I missed, read my book, and set up the tents we took to Colorado so they could dry.

The last time I drove to Cabinstock with The Killer Lady we drank so much "coffee with" that when I got home I had to purchase some Irish cream-flavored creamer. We ran out of Bailey's early in the trip, and this time I'm waiting for the CD by Johnny Half-Song's band to arrive so I can listen to him anytime.

It seemed very very quiet. I realized that it seemed quiet because I've been surrounded by music and people since midday last Thursday, and even alone in my tent the river was plenty loud.

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