Sunday, July 15, 2007

Getting Ready II

The Killer Lady and I made our plans for Colorado yesterday, between bites of food and talk of Phil. We are going to go directly to The Cabin, stopping in Aspen for a bit of grocery-shop. We'll take the northern route through Winnemucca and Salt Lake, which Google reports is 1190 miles from my house to our destination.

I thought I would get a TripTik on AAA's website, but it kept sending us through Las Vegas and Wyoming, which is longer than the SLC-Grand Junction route. We don't have a pretty map of our route because I couldn't figure out how to get the Google Map function to give me a close-up of it (other than the beginning and the end, which is useless for this long a ride). If you know how to do this, thanks in advance for dropping me a line.

I talked to Marko today about our arrival. It's possible, though not likely, that we will see him at The Cabin Friday because he is spending Thursday night up there to get it opened for the festivities, before returning to the Springs for another night with the children. I am relieved that The Killer Lady and I won't be responsible for turning on the power and the water pump, AND would have to figure out how to get in. Since Marko's going to be there just before us, it's all easy.

He also gave me a list of the for-sures, the maybes, and the haven't-heards. Most people are coming up on Sunday, but Marko, Spudwhip, and SRV Rick plan to arrive Saturday afternoon. Marko asked me if this would be okay, and I told him that if it were me and four of my favorite Cabinstockers, of course that's fine with me.

The Killer Lady and I figured out that I was also at Woodstock in 1994. That doesn't seem possible really but other evidence indicates that I was there that year as well. With as many moves as I've had in thirteen years photo documentation could be anywhere (such as my mom's house). I suspect I may have lost all the pictures I took in 2001 and 2002 when I got a new computer, though I found prints in some books for 2006 and 2007. The Killer Lady is encouraging me to bring them.

I think I'm ready to walk out the door right now. This week may seem long, but then again it may seem short, as we are leaving Thursday.

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