Thursday, July 19, 2007

We're Off!

The Killer Lady and I are heading out today for The Cabin. We're taking the northern route through Reno and Winnemucca in Nevada, Salt Lake City in Utah, and Glenwood Springs and Aspen in Colorado. Google says it will take 18 hours and nine minutes. There's nothing like driving cross-country to make you realize how truly large the United States is. Growing up in San Francisco, the borders were always far away but almost always cultivated. There's a whole lot of nothing but plains and mountains in the distance out here.

I think I've been having trouble sleeping because I'm excited about the road trip and seeing old friends I haven't seen, for the most part, in five or more years. Work has been tiring but I've been having trouble settling down in the evening, and then I've been waking up early in the morning. This morning I dreamt that the Killer Lady and I were at The Cabin and I had slept through the whole trip!

The Cabin has no Internet access so I will be offline until after the 27th. I plan to write everyday, in longhand, in a notebook (how old-school is that?). In the meantime, have a lovely rest of your July.

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