Saturday, July 7, 2007

It's All Happening At The Zoo

We visited with Shmeen and Shman and the girls at Shmeen's mom's house yesterday. Shmeen told us that they had gone to the San Francisco Zoo the day before, and I remembered my first beginning-to-end memory, the first sustained memory I mentioned the other day. Fortunately I was able to ask Mom today when this event happened and she said that I was between four and six (which would have made No between two and five, if it was in the summer). We were old enough to leave at a picnic table nearby, she said, but not old enough to carry our own lunches.

We were at the zoo, and had gone to a concession stand near the children's zoo for lunch. I remember standing at the concessionaire's counter, even though it was over my head. Mom ordered hot dogs and sodas, and with the hot dogs in her hands, led me and No to a picnic table. No sat next to me, on my left, facing the concession stand. Mom put the hot dogs in front of us and went back to get the drinks.

Suddenly a seagull swooped down in front of us and grabbed No's hot dog bun. Never stopping, the gull swooped back up, with the bun in its beak. The hot dog bounced on the table, end to end, in front of our astonished eyes.

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