Thursday, November 1, 2007

Here's My Halloween Post

Wednesdays, as I've said before, are tough, as I'm pretty much out of the house from 8am to midnight. I came home yesterday and cooked dinner and then ran out again to facilitate the Bi Women's Group meeting. Hence, yesterday's post actually posted today.

I've been thinking about my favorite Halloween costumes because of the parents' blog on the Chronicle's website. I can only remember two of my childhood Halloween costumes and one of them I really loved: Joginder made me wings that fit over my arms so I could be a bat. I was in third grade. The other costume was a dog, with black tights and a black sweater on which I had taped white circles. I remember it with the fuzziness of my 12-year-old's embarrassment, which was the year I knew I was too old for trick-or-treating.

The next costumes I remember are from when I was in college, when we held the theatre department's Halloween party at Our House. I was Bink one time. The following year Bink was me, and as flag burning was the hot button issue I was a burned flag. The next jump is to several years later, when two years in a row I was a latte: I wore dark brown boots, a lighter brown skirt, and a white shirt, and as I had lots of curly hair I sprayed it white and taped a cup lid on top.

No one got it, just as no one got my costume this year and last: As The Blues, I wore blue clothes, painted my hair blue and taped classic blues lines to my body ("I woke up this morning" "Put on your high heel sneakers" "Hey Bartender!"). I've landed at a place where I want to be comfortable and be able to sit or dance and not get too hot. Thus, I go for subtle and (hopefully) clever.

Halfway through the day yesterday I realized that I can recycle this idea again next year, but wear wings (though that my compromise comfort) and a halo so I can call myself a Blue Angel. People might be able to figure it out on their own. D'you think?

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