Monday, November 5, 2007

Long Live The Food Bank!

Remember this?

We started service in the new building today. When I got to work the Food Bank Director and five other guys were moving the last refrigerator in. We didn't have refrigeration today, but I was expecting that.

All of the volunteers who worked today came in and were pretty happy about the new place. After a little while, though, they started nitpicking at this and that, and at the end of the day the FBD was pretty frustrated at the glass-half-empty attitude he was getting. I think the volunteers got spoiled by how much room we had at the warehouse, even though the new building is much much nicer. Still, we had a good day. The clients were pretty happy with the new set up and the process went much more smoothly than the FBD and I expected. We also served 35 households, which is a significant number.

One side of the new back room. The cooler was a temporary measure to deal with
the lack of freezers today. Tomorrow they'll be back online.

The "back line," this is where we pack and store non-perishable packages for families.
This is really the heart of our program, though the fresh produce from the farmers'
market and Trader Joe's is the big draw.
In a week or so we should have rubber mats on the floor for safety and comfort.

The new produce table set-up! We have plastic carts to transport boxes and bags
so we don't have to use "borrowed" grocery carts clients bring us as a favor.

This dark picture is the new front room, with the chairs facing the desks and away from the produce table. New yellow and orange plastic chairs are on their way.

The FBD, who's a new dad, is particularly proud of the children's corner, and all of the kids who came today had a great time playing with the toy cars and the cash register.
They were quiet and happy and so were their parents.

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