Tuesday, November 27, 2007

NaBloPoMo Reflection

National Blog Posting Month is almost over, and I've been posting daily along with a whole bunch of other people. I don't know if anyone else has been posting daily all year, but I know I'm not done yet: I have 34 days left. Should I add "at least"? I'm not sure if I'll stop on December 31.

A couple weeks ago I started to feel like I was just hitting my stride on the daily-writing thing. It was encouraging that other people are doing it too, and it even seemed like people who hadn't been posting daily were posting a lot more often. I was surfing the above-mentioned list so I was reading a lot more of people's thoughts, because there is a lot more to read.

I've run across more than one blog in which the blogger complains in several posts in a row about participating. It's only a game; if someone hates it, why would he or she play? I ran across another blog a couple weeks ago in which the post dated 11/1 was the writer explaining his or her excitement about actually starting a blog after thinking about it for a long time. She or he was going to use NaBloPoMo as the mechanism to start and keep the blog.

That was the only post in that blog.

Am I sanguine about this whole month of posting? Probably. I will say that, as this month has gone on, the writing has been up-and-down, including my editing skills (as anyone who reads with a mental red pen has probably noticed). Blame that on the holiday onslaught at the food bank (which has not ended) which has me only wanting to faceplant when I get home.

I'm determined to get through this month without posting only a photo for a day's entry. Since there's only a few days left, I'm sure I'll do that.


Phoebe J. Southwood said...

I think you've just got blogular calluses.

Your chops are tough, woman!

Now go look at the photo I posted today instead of an entry! Because I'm getting TIRED!

Saipan Writer said...

I spent November doing NaNoWriMo, so my blogging plummeted!

On the other hand, I wrote 50,000 words on a brand new novel, finished with a thousand or so more in outline notes about what happens next to the conclusion, and have this wonderful sense of accomplishment hovering around me.