Thursday, November 1, 2007


It is November First and thus the start of NaBloPoMo!

They've set up a blogroll on which you can add your own blog and you can see who-all's joined. They set it up for those of us millions who already have blogs going and won't be using NaBloPoMo's pages to post on. I have to say that until I heard Tea use the word "blogroll" like six times I didn't know what the word meant. It's just a list of blogs, like taking attendance in school, or "calling the roll." I guess. I made that up. But if you're smart enough you'll know what I mean.

So I went and added PAL and have checked out a few of the others on the list. There are too many of them! But I'm guessing that everyone's added theirs for the same reasons I added mine: 1) To claim a space, and 2) To say "I'm doing it too!" There are probably many who added the list to say "Come check me out." For me, it's more like responding "Here" when my name's called out. I think I'm still assuming that, other than myself, I'm writing for half a dozen people, all but one whom I know in real life. I decided early on not to add a visit counter, and adding one quickly became obsolete.

I can't believe that I'm only 61 days from the end of this project. That doesn't sound like a lot, when I've already written for over 300 days. What will I do then? I think I had this idea that when I was done with the resolution, I would stop. Now I don't know if I will; writing has become part of my day, every day. Even on the days I don't write, I'm thinking about the fact that I'm not doing (or haven't done) it. I don't know that I could just stop altogether and suddenly, but writing every day feels like a big responsibility and sometimes I'd like to be released from it.

I changed my mind at the beginning of this project and again early on, so I will probably change my mind once I've made a decision, which I haven't yet.

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