Sunday, October 28, 2007

An 80's Night

Last night I went to AsiaSF for a Halloween party hosted by No's company, Perfect Party Plans. The Killer Lady, MA, and a couple other people met me there. Wearing suits and Christmas presents in front of their hips, No and Psychopat performed their version of a SNL spoof of Justin Timberlake (to which I was going to link, but NBC demanded it be deleted so it's gone), which was totally hilarious, and there was also a performance by one of the Ladies of Asia.

When I got there the DJs were spinning '70's tunes. I met up with Macho, and No and Psycopat were working and introduced me to a few people, and then another couple guys I know came in. Later the DJs were playing '80's music: Michael Jackson, Madonna, Bruce Springsteen. When they played "Billie Jean" everyone sang it at the top of their lungs and Macho and I busted out our Michael moves.

Several weeks I graduated from high school, I was in this club back when it was called The Underground. You didn't have to produce any ID to get in, though it was not an all-ages club. I was there because friends of mine were doing a light show. I don't remember if they served alcohol to the kids there (though they probably were; amazingly enough, The Underground wasn't closed by the SFPD for liquor license violations until couple years later). I recognized one of the guys in this crowd of teenagers because we had known each other in elementary school. It turned out that half the senior class at MacAteer High School was there that night. The DJ played The Roof Is On Fire and as loud as the music was, Mack's senior class was louder.

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