Wednesday, October 17, 2007

No Need for Happy Hour

I know I just wrote Happy Hour in Alameda, but I realized today that I have a pretty mellow job.

In five months I have only walked out of the food bank thinking "I need a drink" once or maybe twice. Going out for a drink with coworkers, while not common, did happen from time to time, particularly during high season and during course registration periods. I actually probably had the most after-work drinks while I was working at a drug treatment program (though, as one of only two or three "normies" on the staff, I did not do this with my coworkers). This was probably due to the power of suggestion and The Famous Irishman's penchant for Spanish coffees and mango margaritas.

At the food bank, there's no need to process the furious pace or recount crazy-making conversations with students or parents or complain about the relentless pile of files in the inbox. We don't have any of those.

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