Tuesday, October 23, 2007


When communication isn't happening, whose responsibility is it? How do I fix it if it's not my responsibility that the communication isn't happening? I think I know how to handle it if it is my responsibility.

Today I had interaction after request after question misunderstood by the same person all afternoon. This is something she's done before but she seemed to have forgotten how to do almost all of it. I didn't know anything was wrong until she started complaining about how the bags aren't marked. I remarked that we don't mark them because all the bags always are the same thing. Boxes we mark because they aren't the same. She knew this last week.

She asked me, from across a long room, a question about something, to which I said yes - later to learn that she wasn't asking me what I thought she was asking. When she asked I was tied up in explaining something to someone else and I couldn't go to her, and I thought I knew what she was showing me (even though it was from the back side).

At the end of the night I asked if a pile of stuff on a table belonged to someone and she said it was hers. Five minutes later, when the someone else was gone, she says, "That lady forgot this."

How do I deal with this the next time I see her? I didn't realize how frustrated I was about all this until I was driving home.

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