Friday, October 5, 2007

Warm Head, Warm Heart

I haven't cared too much about hats since moving from the Northwest. Generally it doesn't get cold enough for me to have needed a hat in the past. However, since shaving off most of my hair, I find I feel more chilly more often than I used to be. I think it's the combination of cold air on my neck and (if this isn't an old wives' tale) the heat that's not staying in my head since an inch of insulation, thick as my hair is, isn't that much.

The season is turning to fall now. Today and yesterday the sky was clear (today there wasn't even any smog, due to the wind) but the air was chilly. Out at the warehouse, close to the Bay, the wind was cold enough to bring the overall temperature down so that I wore my sweatshirt almost the whole day. The air smells like smoke and cold. I am just starting to think about chili and stew while menu planning.

When it's cold, I often wear one or another of these knit caps. Jujubi made the blue one and I think - though to be honest, I'm not sure - that Bink made the other one (I have a lot of friends who knit, though don't we all?). These hats keep my head, and my heart, warm.

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