Monday, October 22, 2007

When The Cat's Away

Zirpu just got back from a few days visiting his mother in New Mexico. I didn't go because by the time his sister and brother and their spouses said they were going, I had already made an important commitment that i would not break, not even for my mother-in-law (does that make me a bad daughter-in-law?).

In the time that Zirpu and I have been together, I have done much more traveling without him than he has done without me. The first year we were together I was on the Executive Council for CASFAA and I flew or drove somewhere every other month. I've gone to Rhode Island, the Northwest, and Colorado on vacation at times, leaving him at home. So this weekend was really unusual, I think the first time he's been away for more than two consecutive nights.

When I'm gone, Zirpu tangles himself in the sheets at night (we think he levitates and spins while sleeping) and eats cheese and crackers for dinner. This time I was at home and he was gone, and I slept and ate as normal. Except that I slept less than seven hours each of the nights he was gone, and that my stomach wasn't very happy with me all of Saturday and I had a screaming headache today until almost 6pm.

"Bed's too big without you
The bed's too big without you
The bed's too big without you
Without you
Without you"

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